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BeCk'S wOrLd
About Me
Rad quotes
pics of my friends
more random pics!
ShOuT oUtS

about me

this page is just all about me.... just a bunch of random stuff!! enjoy!

a lil bout me.. hum.. lets see
i'm 15, tall blonde and beautiful! haha! jk.. i am kinda tall and blonde, with blueish green eyes.. weigh enough to not be anerexic, but lil enough to be skinney :)! i'm not dating anyone.. but i'm pretty much spoken for!!

i like alot of things such as;
*being on the internet
*talkin on my cell to my babe's
*text messaging
*takin pics {they make me happy}
*roller blading
*being with Johnny
*mowing the grass {believe it or not! haha}
*driving <3
*making lists {example! lol}
*making new friends
*singing singing singing
*being apart of the drama team
*new hairstyles
*key chains
*cute random outfits
*being smiled at
*my nephews
*playing games

i was trying out my new webcam! haha!! i think it works pretty well!


Book- a walk to remember
Song- unchained melody
Color- pink and baby_blue
Food- cookies and cream candybar w/ a Jones Soda
Friend- to many to mention!! i love all my friends!
Guy- my guy Johnny!!
Past_time- reading, walking, and talkin/text messaging
Store- Debs or Chernins or Charlotte Russe
Preacher- Bro.Jeremy Vanlue
Car- 1998 baby_blue Cavalier with Black tinted windows with a sunroof
Subject- Etymology
Hair_do- wearing my hair down and scrunched
Accessory- watches
i think thats all i got for now.. i can't think of anything else........ much love!!!