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BeCk'S wOrLd
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*ShoUt oUts To mY frIenDs*

these are just shout-outs to my best-est friends and then of course a few guy friends!! luv yall!!

Gail- Hey girl!! ur the best ever and i don't know what i would do without your friendship!! u mean the world to me and i can't wait till u get u a guy!!! luv ya girl!!
Andy- hey chickie!! i luv ya muchly!! i also don't know what i would do without you!! u keep me spiritual and definetly on my toes with your wonderful comebacks!!! hahaha!! i'ma post that on my home page and dedicate it to jeremiah from you!! haha! k?!? luv ya girl!!
Priss- omg girl!!! i would have never made it thru the last few years without you!!!! u have helped me so much!! always there when i needed someone to talk to! and you never complained when i needed to talk! you just sat and listened!!!! and now of course you know i'm here for you whenever you need me!! don't forget it!! can't wait till this weekend!!!!! cause we find out about _________________!!! EKIE!! can't wait!! luv you muchers girl!!!
Katie- girl you are amazing!!! i don't know anyone who could stand talking to me ALL day long everyday!! lol u must have a gift for putting up with me!!!!! hehe!!! i can't wait till you find a guy (in church) that adores you and loves u for who you are!! your amazing!!!!!! i love you girl!!
Sis.Chupp- congrats on being an aunt!!! i'm so happy that everything turned out ok!!!! know that i'm always here when u need me!!!! my cells always on!! so give me a call if you need me!!!!!! luv ya girl!!

Baby- hey gorgeous!!! i normally have you last but i figured i'd put u first from now on!!!! since your more important than the others anyways!! lol well i just have to say that i love u with my whole heart!! and i can't wait till June 1, 2008! lol i don't think thats when.. but thats what U think!!! lol i also can't wait till tonite......... i'ma really miss you this weekend!!! just make sure and bring me home a big buck and i'll be happy!!! k?! love you baby!!!

Morgan- u always seem to be checkin out my website.. so i'ma shout out to u!! i can't believe u broke up with Erin... she was so fun and pretty!!! o well... guys are jerks! lol i'm jkin.. KINDA!! lol anyways.. just wanted to shout out to ya!! so quit complaining!! cause i'm updating my website!! lol

Chris- congrats on yout buck!!! i wish jeffy would get one!! lol but its ok!!! i hope everything is goin good with u and jenny!!!

*!* New News *!*
well there's not to much new cept all the O'Charleys Angels are single cept me!! and i'm VERY happily taken!!!! hehe!! but Gail Priss and Andy are all single!!!! so if your a fine guy looking for a gorgeous girl.. given a holla!!! but just a warning that jeffrey will agree with~ u date 1... u date us all!!!! lol aint that rite girls?!? anytime one goes... we ALL go!! but just ask jeffrey.. it aint that bad!! there's never a dull moment!!! luv u girls!!

if you have any questions.. just ask me!