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BeCk'S wOrLd
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Shout Outs

comments to all my bestest of frendz!

Amber & Priss~ Hey babii gurls!! thank u for being there for me any/everytime  i've needed u!! u've talked to me late at nite, and early in the morning!! i kno i can always come to u when i need to talk!! we've been thru rough times! but we always make up and pick up where we left off!! u've never judged me, or looked down on me when i've fallen! u've never told the things i asked u not to tell! and u've always been patient with me!! i love u so much! i don't know what i'd do without u!!
Katie-Babii~ omg! gurl i love u so much!! i'm so glad u've moved in with us and kept me straight!! our friendship has grown and im so glad it has!! i love our late nite talks when we talk about EVERYTHING!! it feels so good to tell u things that i can't tell anyone else!! u mean the world to me and if any guy hurts u, u just let me know and we'll go after him and shoot him down!! lol kk?!?
Andy-pine~ thanks for always being there for me! things are kinda odd between us rite now, but just like before we'll get them back to where they used to be! and if jeffrey hurts u, i'll have to hurt him!! aint no guy gonna be messin with my gurl!! love u gurl!!
Knox~ i can't WAIT till ur wedding!! ur gonna look so beautiful {and no, not just cause i'm doing ur hair!}!! thanks for being there for me anytime i needed u! it meant so much having u there for my G-pas funeral!! i luv u so much! and u know i'm here anytime u need me!
Becky-Lou~ i'm so glad we've gotten closer!! ur a major spiritual help to me! i don't know what i'd do without u and Caitie-Beth prayin with me, and encouraging me!! i love u so much girl!! know that i'm here anytime u wanna talk!!
Barkley~ we need to hang out sumtime soon!! i miss u gurl!! i love when we get together our mature, then immature conversations!! lol u mean so much to me!!
Sis. Chupp~ i'm so thankful that ur ok!! when i heard u had a wreck i was freakin out!! i was worried bout ya! lol i guess i didn't realize how much u meant to me!! i love u gurl!! good luck with Kenny doll!

Jare-Jare~ Hey Butthead!! i miss ya so much!! u need to come visit me! im so glad u prayed back thru, even if it isn't at Danville!! thanx for being such an awsomest friend!! u always make me laugh!! but ur willing to listen if i need to talk!! ur just the best ever!! luv ya!
Johnny~ u will prolly never even see this website, but i'm gonna leave u a comment to cause i luv ya just that much! lol so... i am SOO glad we met!! u are THEE most amazing guy i've ever met!! lord only knows where i'd be rite now without having u to talk to and vent on when i'm upset!! u always know what i'm thinking {which sumtimes is VERY aggrivating, but i love it all the same!} and u always help me thru issues i have, whether its with my parents or my friends, or personal family issues!! i love u so much! and i can't wait till the next time i get to see u!! you never cease to amaze me! :)
Morgan~ hey dude! i'm only puttin one to u on here cause ur ALWAYS tellin me to update my site! lol so this is for you!! thanks for being a nusince! hehe!! luv ya!
Freeman~ thanks for being such a great friend!! we have almost as  many ups and downs as a couple does!! haha!! but ur still so awsome!! i don't know what i'd do without ya! luv ya!!
Jared~ hey!! i'm SOOO glad we met! 1. cause ur awsome! 2. cause i would've never met johnny without u!! hehe!! thanks for puttin up with me when i rejected u twice!! lol u've been awsome!! and i swear it won't happen again! lol i just love ya to much!! ;)
Matthew~ MATTHEW!! AGH! lol hey! how ya doing!? great great! i'm so glad we met also! u payzants are to amazing!!! i love our late nite convo's we have everyonce ina while! lol u crack me up!! luv ya's!

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