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ShOuT oUtS

the scariiest thiing about memoriies is knowiing that uu wiill forget them..

~*~don't ever giv up, if u still wanna try...don;t whipe u eyes, if u still wanna cry...don't stop askin' questions,if u still wanna know...don't say you don't love him, if you can;t let him go~*~

what do you do when the only one that can dry your tears, is the one that made you cry!??
SsOOme DaAY hE WiiLl Bb SoOrRy, SsOOme DaAY WhEen hE iiS FrRee, MeeMoRiiEs WiiLl ReMiiND HiiM oOf WhaAt wEE uSeeD ToO bEE!
**Its easy to turn a friendship in to love, but its near impossible to turn love into a freindship!!*
**the best thing was loving you...the worst thing was letting you go...the hardest thing is watching you never come back...**
i don't think you realize how hard it is to just talk to you as a friend
I wondered if you spent your days depressed, dragging your feet around the house, wishing you had me again saying to urself ud do anything to get me back. Just like i did when i wanted you back.
i knew it was to good to be TrUe
On Sept. 13 around midnite, someone dropped a bomb on my heart and destroyed it and everything within memory!
I wish i was a lil girl again, scraped knees are easier to deal with than a broken heart!
he's still the one i think about all day and the only thing i dream of at nite. He's still the only one that when i picture his smile can make everything seem alrite. He's still the one that can make me laugh and brighten up even the worst day. He's still the one with just the thought of his name can make all the pain go away. He's still the one that with the thought of his touch makes my knees beign to shake. He's still the one that with just a look in his eyes my breath away is what he takes. He's still the one that means everything to me, the one that i adore. He's still the one that i'm in love with and will continue to love each day more and more.
whenever my mind wonders... its always finds its way to you!
when were together i feel so alive, i feel energetic, happy, and so in love
when were together i feel like a queen, like i'm the ruler over your heart
when were together my heart sings, of how great you are then my how it beats
when were together i feel so helpless, your everword i cling to just to hear the next
when were together i'm so speechless, when you grab my hands there's no words to say
when were together i have no doubts, with your arms around me i know its the real thing
when were together my how you make me smile, i feel beautiful inside and out and pray you never go away

Friendship is like peeing your pants, everyone can see it, but only you can feel it ...thanks for being the pee in my pants
anyone can be your friend.. but my gurls give it a meaning
this next one.. only my girls can read.. highlite it.. bestfriends are like good bras: hard to find, supportive, comfortable, always lift you up, never lets you down or leaves you hanging, makes you look better.. and is ALWAYS close to your heart!! luv ya girls!!
men are like pantyhose.. when you need them the most they run
A girl asked a guy if she was pretty, he said no! she asked him if he wanted her, he said no! she asked him if she left would he cry, he said no! she turned to leave and he grabbed her arm and said.. your not pretty your beautiful! i don't want you i need you! if you left i wouldn't cry.. i would die!
you helped me laugh you dried my tears, because of you i have no fears! together we live together we grow, teaching each other what we must know! you into my life and i was blessed i love you girl you are the best! release my hand and say good-bye, please my friend don't you cry! i promise you this, its not the end.. cause like i said your my best friend!!
   i made this one up..
a friend has to listen to the whole sentance when a bestfriend half way thru, says it with you!
* i luv it when you look at me because i kno for at least 1 second i crossed your mind
someone call the cops.. cause you just stole my heart
eVeRyTiMe U sMiLe At Me, My HeArT dOeS bAcKfLiPs
It's ok you don't have to stop staring.. it tells me that your interested
Smile at him.. make him think he's cute!!
I bet you could tell me what 5 + 5 equals.. seeing as your a perfect 10
Your looks, your smile, your ways, your style.. everything about you boy drives me wild
If you really love me like you say you do.. then you'll put noone above me, the way i do with you
luv and luv, hurt and hurt, all what i do is flirt flirt flirt
I'm in like and i don't care.. (name) is mine and i don't share
excuse me, do you have a bandaid? cause ur CUT!
I don't know who you are.. but here's my number anyways
sometimes i wish i could just fast-foward thru time, just to see if its worth it all in the end
HAHAHA.. i don't get it!
I want to be the one he points at when he is with his friends and says "thats her"
don't make someone a "priority" who only has you as an "option"
there's a MiLlIoN other people in the world, so be you... be original!
i always knew lookin back on tears would make me laugh.. but i never knew looking back on laughs would me cry
You took my heart then left me blue but you came back and told me "your true" .. you took my hand and said "baby i love you i won't leave you this i swear" but look at you now.. you lied once again! i thought i could love you and trust you too.. but it seems i was wrong as were you! you think i would come back if you just called my name.. but BOY your a jerk you aint got no game! so leave me alone and don't come back sencere! i don't want you and your lies, i'll find someone new!
this time its over, i'm keepin my heart, i'm gonna be strong & not fall apart.. i'll get better, i'll no longer cry.. in a couple of weeks i won't want to die, i won't want 2 go back, i'll be able to sleep. It won't hurt so bad & it won't feel so deep!
when you say im beautiful i say "yeah right"
but what im really saying is "do you really think so"
When you say good job i say "thanks"
but what im really saying is "i love that you notice"
when you say well be together forever i say"i hope so"
but what im really saying is "i hope forever never ends"
when you say i love you i say "i love you too"
but what im really saying is "never stop saying that"
when you say that i dont care i say "yes i do"
but what im really saying is "i care for you more than
you'll ever know"
i smile because i have no idea whats goin on..
~*CAUTION: May have blonde moment so please speak slowly and use small words*~
Finding the perfect man is like trying to nail jello to the wall...
Be who you are and say what you feel and those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind..
Please god if you can't make me thin make everyone else fat!
Not the brightest crayon in the box now are we?!?!?
Don't hate me because i'm beautiful!! hate me because.. well ok.. hate me because i'm beautiful!
I'm not a blonde!! i'm knot! i'm knot! i'm knot!
*see my halo* *bright N shiny* *mess wid me* *i'll kick ur hinney*
some call me hot an sweet.. but aint no one got my technique
everyone has a right to be ugly.. but your abusing the right!!
yo mama so fat she jumped into the ocean and the whales sang "we are family"
Did your neck throw up or is that just your head?!?!?
Mirrors can't talk and lucky for you they don't laugh either!
Don't hate me cause i'm beautiful.. hate me cause your man thinks i am!
roses are red violets are blue sugar is sweet and so are you! but the roses are wilted and violets are dead the sugar bowls empty and so is your head!!
Your funny.. but to bad for you looks aren't everything!!
i luv him o yes i do he's for me and not for you n if u try to take my place i'll take my fist and smash ur face!
you know what? you need to call 1-800-get-a-life and stop revolving around mine!!
YOU.. OfF mY pLaNeT!1!1!

I will add more lata!